Screens that Vanish

Upgrade your home with our custom-fit retractable screen doors designed to give you added protection, shade, and privacy. Enjoy the comfort, beauty, and functionality of your indoor and outdoor living spaces with a screen door that vanishes when not in use.

Mirage retractable screen doors

We Offer Mirage Retractable Screen Doors

Mirage Screen system logoWe offer the world’s smoothest retractable screens. As a dealer, we have the full catalog of Mirage Screens available for our customers. Retractable screen doors are not your traditional screen doors; they are vanishing screens that retract into a housing and virtually disappear. Mirage screens are the smoothest on the market and come in a variety of colors and sizes. The motorized retractable screens are for larger openings such as garages or to enclose a patio. We offer professional installation services to ensure you get the right screen and the right fit. 

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Retractable Screen Door Applications

Single Entry door retractable screens

Single Entry

Enjoy your indoor and outdoor spaces with a seamless and smooth screen door system designed to fit all single-door entry ways.

sliding door retractable screens

Sliding Doors

Your screening solution for your sliding doors around your home.

french and double door retractable screens

French & Double Doors

For French and double doors, our screen doors have a magnetic system that allows them to fit together seamlessly and open easily.

large space retractable screens

Large Opening Retractable Screen Doors

Your screening solution for large openings in your home. Whether it’s a bi-fold door or a multi-panel sliding door— the large opening retractable screen has you covered.

motorized retractable screens

Motorized Screens

Extend your living space with a large opening motorized screen. Screen your garage or patio area for a bug-free and UV-protected space.

Mirage Features

What makes Mirage retractable screens stand out? When you conduct a direct comparison between a Mirage retractable screen door and any other brand on the market, you’ll quickly notice the stark contrast in quality. This is precisely why a majority of Mirage’s local screen experts have chosen to become Mirage Dealers. They’ve made the switch from selling subpar brands to proudly endorsing the premium Mirage retractable screen door. Mirage consistently subjects its products to rigorous cycle tests, equivalent to 250,000 cycles or 69 years of use if operated 10 times daily. This is the dependable quality you can expect from a Mirage Retractable Screen Door!

  • Components that are engineered to last.
  • Superior powder coating (and available in the widest range of colors).
  • Ultra-smooth screen guides made from self-lubricating space-aged plastics.
  • Adjustable Spring Tension for smooth closing NEVER slamming doors.
  • Pet-friendly reinforced screen options.
  • Corrosion-resistance for oceanfront homes.
Mirage retractable screen for double doors


Retractable screen doors are insect screens that roll into compact housing. They are designed to not interfere with your regular door’s functionality, and you only see the retractable screen door when it is in use. The retractable screen extends from the housing and is held in place by a magnetic latch. The screen retracts with the help of a spring-loaded roller tube that is built into the units housing. The majority of homeowners prefer a retractable screen door over more traditional swinging screen doors as they do not obstruct the view.

Retractable screens provide many benefits, including keeping bugs out while allowing fresh air to circulate, reducing energy costs by blocking sunlight and heat, and providing an unobstructed view unlike a traditional fixed screen door.

Retractable screens can be installed on most types of doors, including entry doors, sliding glass doors, French doors, and more. Our retractable screens can be installed on doors that are 7-9 feet high, and up to 5 feet wide for a single door or 10 feet for double doors.

Can be customized to fit specific needs. They can be made to fit non-standard sized doors and can be ordered in a variety of colors and materials..

We offer a wide selection of colors for our 1750, including eight standard colors and 18 designer screen colors. We can help you pick the right color for your application.

Yes, retractable screen doors are designed to be easy to operate. They typically feature a user-friendly mechanism that allows for smooth and effortless opening and closing. Retractable screen doors are designed with convenience and ease of use in mind, allowing for seamless integration into your daily routine.

Yes, they are! Mirage retractable screen doors are built with sturdy aluminum, strong springs, and high-quality plastic components. When properly maintained, our customers can enjoy our screen doors for decades. Learn more about Mirages’ built-to-last mantra!

Yes! With our secure Super Magnet latch system that is 3x stronger than our competitor latches, you can be sure that the Mirage retractable screen door will stay closed. The Mirage Super Magnet latch is anti-corrosive, unlike any other competitor screen systems, which means no more rust.

No, retractable screens are easy to maintain. They can be cleaned with a mild detergent and water and should be lubricated periodically with a silicone spray.

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