Let in the Breeze with New Window Screens!

Are you in need of new window screens? Here at Screen Masters, we can custom build window screens and frames to fit your window properly.

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Window Screen Repair

Sometimes, all it takes is a slightly torn screen or damaged frame to let in what seems like the entire insect population that is living around your home. But lucky for you, Screen Masters can promptly and efficiently repair your window screen right on-site for you! First we make sure that the window screen frame is still in good condition, does not bow and does not have an hourglass effect that causes a bad fit in the window. We will then custom repair your window screen and/or frame right there at your home or business to ensure everything fits perfectly and matches your exact window.

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Window Screen Replacement

Are you tired of having to look out of the same old, torn window screens day in and day out? Contact Screen Masters for an affordable, on-site replacement of your old window screens. We custom make your window screen and/or frame right there at your home or business to ensure it fits correctly and matches your exact window. We even insert new pull tabs to replace your old ones, making it easy to remove them. Screen Masters has a large variety of the highest quality frames, screens, and tracks to choose from. We can accommodate virtually any window size you have in your home or business!

Screen Mesh Protection from Dogs and Cats

Nothing ruins a screen door or window screen more quickly than cats and dogs pawing and standing with their paws against your screens. We recommend using Phifer Pet Screen® mesh to meet the needs of your home to safeguard your screens from tears and punctures caused by cats and dogs. Screen Masters carries Phifer Pet Screen® mesh because it is the best pet resistant screen mesh in the USA and is excellent for use in patio and porch enclosures as well as windows and doors. Phifer Pet Screen® mesh attributes include:

• Resists damage by cat claws and dog’s paws

• It is made of strong vinyl coated polyester

• It is a heavy-duty insect screening mesh

• It is seven (7) times stronger than traditional insect screen mesh

• It offers good outward visibility

• It isn’t harmful to pets

Phifer Pet Screens | Screen Masters


We are a complete mobile screen service that repairs and replaces window screens and screen doors. We have a wide selection of window and door screen related products, and we bring everything we need with us to measure, make, and install window or door screens right there at your home or business! From the initial service call to the completion of the project, we provide our customers with an easy, stress-free experience.

No shop means lower over head and better prices! We also shop our competition and keep our prices at least 10% under the competition.

It depends on the sun damage, usage, and exposure. Once your screens start to fade, tear, or no longer fit tightly, it may be time to replace your screens.

Every opening is different, but we custom make the screens on-site to ensure everything fits perfectly.

Yes! We have a variety of custom-sized door options.

Yes we have pet screens. It is a vinyl polyester screen that is 7 times stronger than normal insect screening!

Start by removing the screens from the opening and lay them out on a flat surface. Soap up a soft rag and gently clean BOTH sides of the screen, including the frame. You want to be careful to avoid putting too much pressure on the screen fabric, so keep that in mind when cleaning. Rinse both sides and repeat if needed. Let it air dry before re-installing your screens.

We warranty our deluxe sliding screen doors for life! Even against bending. If you purchase a deluxe 2 1/2 inch sliding screen door from us and accidently bend it, we will repair or replace it at no charge. Warranty does not cover the mesh.

Well, we do if you buy a set of screens from us and accidentally bend one, we will repair or replace it at no charge to you. We can do this because a properly made screen will be easily removed and not easily bent. But should you bend one we will take care of it. Some restrictions apply.

Screen Masters Provides Mobile Window and Door Screen Repair and Replacement Services to the Following Areas:

DELAWARE: New Castle, DE; Newark, DE; Wilmington, DE; Hockessin, DE; Middletown, DE; Dover, DE; Camden, DE; Cheswold, DE; Smyrna, DE; Wyoming, DE

MARYLAND: Cecil County, MD; Kent County, MD

NEW JERSEY: Pennsville, NJ; Penn’s Grove, NJ; Carneys Point, NJ

PENNSYLVANIA: Chester County, PA, Delaware County, PA.